Femal One Pack
Femal One Pack

Femal One Pack

30 capsules - 1 Month Supply


Femal Two Pack
Femal Two Pack

Femal Two Pack

60 capsules - 2 Months Supply


Femal Three Pack
Femal Three Pack

Femal Three Pack

90 capsules - 3 Months Supply



Product Description

Many women are searching for alternative solutions to help support them during the menopause. Some women are concerned about using hormones, and others just want to navigate the menopause as naturally and holistically as possible.

Femal is a food supplement sourced from ingredients of natural origin that can be used by women at any stage of the menopause. Every woman has a different experience as they go through the menopause and similarly, each woman will have a different experience whilst taking Femal. Femal has a gradual onset of action and in most women, positive effects can be seen around the 2 month (6-8 weeks) timepoint. In order to maintain the positive effects from Femal, it is important that it is taken continuously

Active Ingredients

PureCyTonin® (purified pollen extract) complex PI + GC, 320mg.Excipients: Microcrystalline cellulose; D-alpha tochopheryl acetate (corresponding to approx. 10 mg vitamin E (alpha-TE)); Magnesium stearate; Colloidal silicon dioxide; Bovine Gelatin Femal is gluten free and naturally lactose free

What is PureCyTonin®?

This is where nature meets science… Femal’s active ingredient is PureCyTonin® complexes (purified pollen extract).

This active ingredient stems from a unique patented biotechnology, in which pollen undergoes a thorough process of filtration and extraction to remove the outer shells of the pollen, leaving behind a purified pollen extract known as PureCyTonin®

No Hormones

and free of phytoestrogens


of women prefer natural alternatives or nothing at all


of women believe that Femal was 'very effective'

20 Years

helping women to feel like themselves again

Thanks Femal

Just wanted to let you know how great the product has been for me. Was suffering from very severe face sweats for months, and now very, very rare to feel hot in the face - thank you!


I started taking femal on the advice of my gynaecologist, I was very skeptical and in fact in the first month I had no feedback. Now I am at the beauty of 2 months of taking femal and I must say that the hot flushes have decreased, I finally sleep and I feel more serene.

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