At a time in your life when you’re feeling confident and comfortable in your own skin and ready to take on life’s challenges… the menopause can come as a complete surprise.

You may get your first early menopause symptoms in your 40s, and feel like you’re not old enough to be heading into the menopause, but the period before the menopause (called perimenopause) can start years before your last period.* So you may find that you get some signs of early menopause before you thought you were due to.

Every woman has her own personal experience of menopause - what we feel, and how we cope are all different. But sometimes we need a little help to get back to feeling how we should. Some women need hormonal therapy (HRT), some are happy to try and manage the symptoms through diet, exercise and relaxation therapies, and others want to try alternative therapies. * , **

If you’re one of these women, Femal might be what you’re looking for.

Femal is a unique formulation which has been shown to support many women through different phases of the menopause. Used by women in Europe for over 20 years.