Low mood and the Menopause

Femal has been shown to support many women through different phases of the menopause.

The menopause may include symptoms such as night sweats, hot flushes, irritability, low mood and insomnia.

After 12 weeks of using Femal,


of women believed that Femal was "very effective" or "effective" during the menopause (results from 373 women) 2Elia D et al. Genesis. 2008; 135: 12-15.

Strangely, although everyone has heard about hot flushes, not all women know that mood swings are one of the symptoms associated with the menopause, perhaps because it is only recently that we have started to talk about mental health more openly, and so these feelings of sadness or weepiness catch women by surprise.

Low mood, depression and anxiety increase during the menopause, and ‘depressive symptoms’ are more likely to be reported by women in the perimenopause (the period before the menopause, when you are still having periods, although they might be irregular). 7Santoro N. J Women’s Health (Larchmt) 2016; 25(4):332–9.


Finding out that their feelings of unhappiness, low mood, general malaise or listlessness are real physical symptoms that can be attributed to changes in hormones may actually come as a relief for women who were worried about their changing mood. Once you can assign a cause to something you can also try to work out how to improve it.

If your feelings of depression persist and start to feel overwhelming, it is important to go and visit your doctor, as they may be developing into something more serious. Clinical depression is different to feeling low, it is a serious condition, and you shouldn’t leave it untreated.

But if you’re just feeling low, grumpy, or inexplicably sad, then maybe you need a little bit of help. There are various things you can try yourself, including: regular exercise, better sleep, a healthy diet, cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) and alternative therapies.9NHS. Low mood and depression. https://www.nhs.uk/conditions/stress-anxiety-depression/low-mood-and-depression/ [Accessed December 2018].

Femal has been specially formulated to support you through different phases of the menopause.

The menopause may include symptoms such as hot flushes, night sweats, irritability, low mood and insomnia.


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